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Drowning in Silent Echoes

by Månen Skygge

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To spiral towards the inevitable. To greet the end with open arms. I long for my existence to cease. I pray for my soul to depart this wretched form; I want to be no longer. There’s no beauty in the suffering that existence brings. Whoever created life condemned it, and left it to rot. I pray for my soul to depart this wretched form; I want to be no longer. Why must I cover myself in lies and deceit? I long for naught but to be beyond this realm, But yet I must say “I am alive”.
Trapped within the dark room, I feel myself waste away. Deteriorating, existence has become endless pain. From within the mirror stares back a stranger; sick and defeated. A living carcass, let me fade away; I don’t feel. Am I anything? Am I anyone? Am I real? Why can’t I cross over? I want to shed this sick, broken shell. Dissociative, I fade further into the black.
To fade like a dying candle, burning the last remnants of itself. A slow decay, as the water fills up my lungs. Fragile, brittle corpse, broken and twisted upon the rocks As the salt and waves strip my soul bare The beasts will feed on my remains In the end, I find myself as a ghost Trapped between here and the next world, as I was in life.
The apparitions force their way into my psyche, Burrowing like worms into rotted waste. I thought causing myself pain would satisfy them, But they always demand more. I will not survive, and the worms will feed upon me until all is gone. I am decaying, my mind, body, and soul - A feast for these parasites who want me to suffer as they have. Is existence worth the suffering of living like this? Has my life been enough to continue on? I am driven to the place where I will die. A product of mental destitution, I despise all that I have become. I stand upon the cliffs by the ocean, ready to be embraced by the cold comfort of oblivion.


Debut album by Månen Skygge.
Four tracks of punishing, depressive blackened doom


released September 13, 2021

All instruments and vocals: Månen Skygge


all rights reserved



Månen Skygge Adelaide, Australia

Formed in 2019 as a form of catharsis, Månen Skygge is an Atmospheric Depressive Black Metal project from Adelaide, Australia.

Taking influences from a wide range of artists and not caring for elitism in music, the project is pure emotional and artistic expression that explores the concepts of misanthropy, disconnection with reality, spiritualism, mortality, and decay.
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